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Warm Welcome ... Thank you for choosing to come and explore this website, Om Shivo Hum will help you in finding your TRUE SELF...


You can continue to enjoy a normal balanced life even more so when you connect to your true self as you then become the leader of your mind … Allow OM SHIVO HUM to guide you along with other true spiritual guides around the world who are also helping the souls in the physical world finding their TRUE SELF.


Remember you are a spiritual being on a human journey !!!


~WEEKLY UPDATE 18th July 2014

~ QUOTE: "Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious – work together to create your reality … and how to use that knowledge to change your habits and create a happier, more peaceful and confident you. ... "


~ Lesson 43: What is the difference between conscious, sub conscious & unconsciousness? !!!

Great achievers of the world have freed their minds of judgments and biases. They see things as they are without passing any judgments. These people learnt how to tap the potential of their unconscious mind and were known as creative people. Unconscious mind does not react like conscious and only perceives what is happening that is beyond conscious mind.


The Conscious Mind - is how your brain processes events and information in the moment.


The Sub Conscious Mind - Thoughts, information and memories that are just below your conscious mind are filed in the subconscious.


The Unconscious Mind - prefers to remain free and works without your knowledge. We learn so many things and skills through our conscious mind.


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