Shivo Hum ... Connecting Souls to True Self ...

Website & Facebook Launched in Rome during a deep spiritual awakening: 19th of March 2013, which marked the auspicious occasion of "OM SHIVO HUM" ... the birth of the virtual connection to help connect with the divine energy and inner self. Om Shivo Hum is here to connect souls to their divine home, to soul families ... and most of all to help you understand the difference between the SOUL and the BODY.

The BODY is the vehicle within which the SOUL resides ... and once the BODY runs out of fuel ... the SOUL is ready to leave the BODY and then takes on a new vehicle. We are here on earth for ONE reason and that is finding our true self by being aware of - What the physical world is? What is the body? What impacts our senses and emotions have?

We are not the BODY ... our senses and emotions are only attached to the BODY ... the soul is without BODY and SENSELESS ... we create the life we have today by thoughts and feelings which come through senses, this is why we need to be aware of the MIND that processes these senses into thoughts which then has an impact on the SOUL in finding true self.

Don't be a slave of the MIND ... you, the SOUL are the master of the MIND. To be able to be the leader of the MIND you need to connect ... and the first step towards connecting within ... is AWARENESS OF TRUE SELF.

Be aware of your THOUGHTS ... before they create FEELINGS ... which then lead to ACTIONS ... become HABITS and IMPRINTS ...

VALUES & BELIEF is something else that we need to be aware of ... study your values & beliefs and ask ... why are they there?

TIME has no meaning to your SOUL, the process of reaching enlightenment is as important as the GOAL, so don't get tangled up with the material things in the physical world ... or emotions which are temporary in this lifetime ... look within ... and start your spiritual growth so you can be in CONTROL ... LIVE A HAPPY and BLISSFUL LIFE... HOW ?

~ Love & Light ~ Om Shivo Hum ~

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KEY MESSAGE: STOP LOOKING OUTSIDE – don't make someone elses experience your experience, find your own blissful experience by having a relationship with your TRUE SELF!!! ...